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I am a Student of History

I am a student of history. I read history books for fun, I love the stories, the real life drama, calamity, the successes, failures, and how close we have come to the edge. History shows me how we are connected. It gives me perspective. I also love science and the grandness of the universe, time and space. How we are all, when it comes down to it genetics, DNA, almost exactly the same, not only with each other, but all living things. How within time and space, history of humans, the planet, what we do really doesn't even matter. We are all nothing more than a mere flick of light in everything, barely indistinguishable from anything else. Yet in our moment in time, in our world, in our history we are all so uniquely different, important, influential and beautiful, to everything around us. All so humbling and beautiful at the same time. So own your time here, history may not remember, but you will never happen again, each moment is a final one, so burn brightly.

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