Alignment Series:
Inversions & Arm Balances
Sarah K

3 Saturdays 
June 4, 11 & 18
In Studio

This Katonah Yoga® Inspired workshop series will explore inversions and arm balances. This series focuses on refinement, alignment and how to use props to enhance the accessibility and joy of postures that integrate all three floors of the body to mediate the center to find balance in advanced postures.
While this workshop series will incorporate some advanced postures, this series is for everyone and no prior inversion practice is required. There will be many modifications and variations that will support all bodies and levels of practice.



Candlelight Yin Yoga
Sarah D
at Ocean Fire Pottery
July 10th

Come join guest teacher Sarah Dean for a NO PROP necessary, Yin Yoga practice. Yin yoga is a passive practice with a focus on relaxing the muscles, different from our yang, heat building muscle engaging form of yoga. In this practice, you will find a cooling sequence of grounding/ lengthening postures held from 3-5 minutes targeting the deep connective tissues of the body. This practice challenges the monkey mind with an emphasis on present moment awareness. This is a class sequenced with no props needed, you are more than welcome to bring anything that you feel may assist you throughout this Yin practice. As well as anything that could bring extra comfort including socks, a sweatshirt or blanket. Spending this beautiful summer Sunday outside resetting and recharging for the week ahead

Yoga for Surfers

July 21st 530pm
Ocean Fire

 Drop by and check out what Yoga can do for your surfing technique! Surfers of all experience levels will benefit from this practice. In addition to loosening commonly tight muscles for surfers, you will learn the skills to improve your  balance, get a stronger core, deepen your breathing, increase your paddling stamina, sharpen your focus, increase your flexibility, prevent injury, lessen your recovery time from injuries, and walk away with a deep sense of calm that you can bring to the waves.


Outdoor Partner Yoga at Ocean Fire Pottery with Sarah & Dave

July 30th
$50 per pair

Join Sarah Graham and Dave for Outdoor Partner Yoga at Ocean Fire Pottery! This fun, outdoor workshop is intended for couples, friends, family, coworkers, etc... With your partner, you will deepen your Yoga practice, improve communication, cultivate compassion, and heighten your self awareness through movement and breathing exercises. Participants will be guided through a short warm-up Yoga sequence before pairing off with partners. This workshop is intended for participants with any level of yoga experience. Plan for lots of laughing. Local Kombucha will be served at the end of class with a fire. Make sure to register early as space is limited.

Yoga kacy5.jpg

Restorative & Thai Massage

With Kacy & Megan


August 6th 6 to 8pm

In Studio $60

Dive into a two hour workshop with Kacy and Megan.
Kacy will guide you into deeply relaxing restorative postures as Megan makes her way around and spends quality time with each practitioner helping to deepen their pose with Thai massage adjustments.


This is hands on, please dress comfortably and avoid eating for two hours before.