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Self Care Acupressure

with MaryBeth


April 29th

1pm to 330pm

In studio Only



Come learn this Self-care practice based on ancient Chinese medicine. MaryBeth is a registered nurse and yogi who has had special training in acupressure. She will speak to the history of the practice and how you can benefit from using it in your daily Self-care. Acupressure has been known to help regulate the nervous system and help with anxiety, depression, and insomnia to name a few. Come see how this alternative, complementary modality can enhance your overall well being!

Master Classes:

with Sarah K


April 1st 1230 to 230pm; Backbends

In Studio Only


Backbend Masterclass

This 2.5 hour masterclass focuses on refinement, alignment and how to use props to enhance accessibility and joy in backbending postures.

While we will explore advanced postures, modifications will be provided for all levels of practice. This masterclass is designed for teachers and the dedicated student.


Mothers Day Sound Bowl& Reiki
with Lily & Michelle
May 6th
4pm to 530
In Studio Only

Gift your mother 90 minutes of deep healing!
Lily and Michelle invite you to spend 90 minutes for yourself enjoying a crystal quartz sound bath while experiencing reiki. This sound bath will allow
deep relaxation and meditation while lying comfortably on yoga mats surrounding a beautiful set up of Lily and her quartz bowls. Lily will play bowls
connecting to each chakra, ensuring stillness and peace within the body. While Lily is playing sound bowls Michelle will perform light hand touching
on or just above the clothed body at energy points throughout the body to remove blockages, cleanse & balance your soul! This helps to reduce
physical & emotional pain and increase overall wellness. Michele will spend time with each person while Lily heals through sound frequency with
quartz crystal singing bowls. Loose and light-colored clothing are recommended to allow comfort.

Yin & Thai Massage
with Kacy& Megan
April 14th
630 to 830pm
In Studio Only

Dive into a two hour workshop with Kacy and Megan.
Kacy will guide you into deeply healing yin postures as Megan makes her way around and spends quality time with each practitioner helping to deepen their pose with Thai massage adjustments.


Vision Board Workshop
with Anja
May 27th
1pm to 3pm
In Studio Only

Set new goals and actually achieve them. Join us for this fun workshop to get creative and leave with your personal vision board.
Life Coach and meditation teacher Anja Schneider will lead a meditation that helps you let go of the past and find your goals and
visions for the near future. Each participant will create their personal vision board using a slew of materials.
You will have a clear direction for the immediate future and we will manifest the goals and dreams that you want to achieve.

All materials will be provided

Vision Board Class.jpg

March 31st
7 to 830pm
With Shelly
In Studio 

Swamping is a sacred gathering of sisterhood where women can feel and embody their emotional truth. We will connect in circle, hold space for sharing, put on music and flow through what is challenging us. Swamping is a practice to honor your wholeness; a way to grant permission for you to feel and release through stomping, yelling, dancing, being still, laughing, whatever process that is going to transform you through the darkness into your light, your truth, your Radiance.



Celebrate the Summer Solstice on the Beach
with Lisa
June 16th 
7pm to 830
York Harbor Beach


Celebrate The Summer Solstice with The Three Sister Sciences: Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology

In this special class, you will be introduced to the night sky as it relates to the Summer Solstice and Vedic Astrology. You will discover the layout of the planets in the sky as you transition from Spring to Summer. Ayurvedically speaking, we are moving from Kapha Season into Pitta Season. The spring months display the qualities of the Kapha Dosha including cool, heavy, smooth, stable, cloudy, and dense. Summer represents the Pitta Dosha. Pitta takes on the characteristics of light, sharp, mobile, hot, spreading and foul smelling!

Through brief discussion and Pitta Balancing Yoga practice, this opportunity will plant the seed of connectivity. Discovering that not only do we humans take on the qualities of the Ayurvedic Doshas, but the Planets do as well. And through Yoga Practice and Conscious living, we learn how to create balance and harmony between ourselves, others and all that surrounds us.

Bring on Summer at York Harbor Beach with Lisa Sommer: Vedic Astrologist, Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Yoga Teacher.

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