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Yoga Adjustments With David

December 4th 2pm to 4pm

Cost- $60

This workshop is worth 2CE Hours through Yoga Alliance.

Join Dave in this 2 hour workshop that covers adjustments in students. This includes verbal, hands on in poses, props, and grounding hands on adjustments. This will go over ethics, proper hands on adjustments and when to adjust. We will also go over poses typically seen in a yoga class, so this is great for a yoga student as well!

This workshop is for yoga teachers and practitioners who want to give better and safer adjustments and/or use props and adjustments to go deeper and/or safer into a pose.

Alignment Series with Sarah


3 Week Series

December 5th, 12th and 19th

$85 for series or $40 drop in

In Studio & Zoom

This Katonah Yoga® Inspired workshop series will explore back-bending postures. This is not your Vinyasa Flow practice, instead, this series focuses on refinement, alignment and how to use props to enhance the accessibility and joy of postures targeting backbends.

This series is for everyone. Whether you are a beginner, returning from time off or just interested in having better fluency with your backbend poses, this practice is for you.

 This series will require the use of props. Props will be made available on site and available for borrowing if taking the class on Zoom. 2 Yoga Blocks, 2-3 blankets/towels, a strap (with buckle, ideally) and a chair (any 4 legged chair, folding chair is best)


This series if for everyone. Whether you are a beginner, returning from time off or just interested in having better fluency with your hips, this practice is for you.

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Restorative & Thai Massage

With Kacy & Megan

December 11th 6pm to 8pm

In Studio $60

This workshop is worth 1CE towards Yoga Alliance.

Dive into a two hour workshop with Kacy and Megan.
Kacy will guide you into deeply relaxing restorative postures as Megan makes her way around and spends quality time with each practitioner helping to deepen their pose with Thai massage adjustments.

This is hands on, please dress comfortably and avoid eating for two hours before.

Cultivating Ayurvedic Lifestyle in 2022 with Lisa

January 8th  2 to 4pm

In Studio and Zoom

Along with the start of a New Year, many of us set intentions, make resolutions, clear out the clutter in our lives. As an Ayurved,
I reflect on my daily routine, what small shifts I intend to make to feel more balanced, joyful and motivated in the New Year. Have you been toying with the idea of switching up your routine, exploring Ayurveda?
In this workshop, you will discover your Ayurvedic Constitution, learn about Dinacharya(Ayurveda Daily Routine) and gather the tools to create your unique daily routine with the inclusion of Ayurvedic cleansing techniques, yoga for your type, recommended pranayama and seasonal diet. Over tea and treats, we will talk about the 3 Pillars of Life, Causes of Dis-ease and how to navigate the waves of our own lives finding balance, joy and purpose in 2022!

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Yoga for Women's Health

with Leah Shirton

January 15th, 1pm to 4pm

Cost $45

In Studio & Zoom


This Workshop is worth 3CE toward Yoga Alliance.

In our Yoga for Women’s Health workshop, we address and discuss the entirety of a woman’s health journey, not just pre and post-natal! We approach women’s health from a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective, blending the philosophy of TCM and the philosophy of yoga asana to customize a practice to heal, supplement, and benefit, and to dive deeper into a woman’s WHOLE health journey.

Topics covered include:

● Menstruation & PMS

● Menopause

● Pelvic Health Issues like Endometriosis & PCOS

● Cycle Irregularities

● Yin & Yang Excess & Deficiencies and how they aect menstrual cycle

● The 5 Elements of TCM

● Meridians

● “Qi” or life-energy

● Role of kidney, spleen and liver in women’s health