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4 week Series
Starts March 1st 230pm to 345pm
With Kate
In Studio Only

Adolescence is a challenging and important time in development. Figuring out who you really are in the middle of all the pressure, messages and expectations from friends, parents, social media etc… is not easy! So come take a breath and get grounded in a nonjudgmental, noncompetitive and supportive yoga class built just for teen girls.


We will explore the mind-body connection through breath work, take the time to notice the effects of postures on our mood and how awareness can help connect us to who we truly are. We will work on reducing stress in the mind and building balance, flexibility and strength in the body.

2 young girls with hands and feet joined at a yoga class


Let your down dogs bark, your cows moo and your trees blossom as we discover the benefits of yoga in a fun, playful class. Kids will learn how to regulate their energy allowing them to become relaxed, calm and focused, skills that prepare them for a lifetime of learning. This is done in a playful fun manor incorporating yoga poses, mindfulness exercises, games, art and guided visualizations.


Mats and all supplies are provided. Open to both girls and boys. Limited to 8 participants.

Teenage girls at a yoga class in York, Maine

Toddler Family Yoga
6 Weeks Starting March 5th Tuesdays 8:30-9:15
w/Michelle James, RYT, RCYT

$95 Per Child


2-4 year olds w/parent or caregiver (younger siblings

In this playful and interactive class, parents/caregivers and children will explore developmentally appropriate yoga poses, combined with songs, creative movement, stories, fun breathing techniques, games with props and relaxation. Children learn best through play, social interaction and repetition of activities that support physical, social and emotional development. We’ll do that and more in this class! Join us as we learn and play together!

Michelle w_Kids OM.jpeg


By Bus to Yoga On York Studio

If you wish for your child to ride the bus to the yoga studio, you need to arrange this with the school and bus company. Please check the bus # as it changes from year to year. The yoga studio is located at 250 York Street. The Teacher will be waiting at the top of the stairs to escort them down to the studio.

By Drop Off

If you are dropping your child off please be aware that we may be at the bus stop until approximately 3:25. The studio will be open for you to come in and wait with your them for us in the lobby. For older girls who may be walking, they can either meet us at the top of the stairs or come right down into the studio if the bus has already dropped off the other students.

General Transportation

Please send an email: letting us know how your child will be arriving to yoga class. Will it be by bus or drop-off? If by drop off, who is the adult who will be dropping them off? If someone other than yourself is picking them up, we must be notified of that as well. If your child is going to miss a yoga class, please call 207-363-9642 in advance so we know they didn’t miss the bus or go home by accident. *Communication is key.* If a student that is expected does not arrive, we lose class time alerting the parent their child is unaccounted for. Please remember to call if plans change. Thank you!

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